About Karyn

Hey, I’m Karyn with a Y and I am SO glad you are here. 


I am living intentionally on the INside of my life. Authenticity is what drives my purpose and connection to serve, and my desire to live my best life every single day. I was born to do this work. I am deeply connected to the space within me that is in alignment with my intuition and intention. Each day I make one of two choices; a walk with Love and Joy, or a walk-in fear and crisis and when I am honest with myself and hold myself accountable, walking in Love and Joy aligns me with what I am seeking every single time.


We are all worthy of living a life that is joy-filled, authentic and purposeful.


My life path has not been the road well-traveled, but certainly well worth it. The call to “show up” started at 12 years old, with a life-changing health crisis. While averting a potentially disastrous outcome by listening to that still small voice within, this crisis completely changed everything about my life. The call to wake-up and show up came every 3-5 years after that with little nudges and guidance. It wasn’t that I was choosing not to answer the call, but rather,  trying to understand how to connect the dots with these seemingly disconnected events in my life. Waking up for me meant showing up on the inside of my life with intention, trust, faith, perseverance and radical vigilance in the pursuit of feeling better. That is where I started, but not how I have evolved. I didn’t listen seriously to what was being asked of me until almost 20 years later with yet again, serious health, financial, and personal turmoil. Learning to lean into the unknown on a hope and prayer, and go relentlessly forward in search of the gifts within the challenges has been the most important work of my life so far.



We are all capable of shifting our mindsets around the fears that limit us and stepping into our Truth.


I used to live in a crippling space of fear, uncertainty, self-doubt and depression. Intense waves of anxiety plagued me daily with feeling worrisome and small. I sought outside council and answers to why I was so disconnected from my health, spirituality, finances, love, career, and life purpose. I couldn’t show up on the inside of my life, because I didn’t know-how. Making a choice to live with intention has been an initiation into learning how to do it. I have learned by walking headfirst with conviction into my life, with a strong propensity for self-care, feeling great, and being clear in mind, body and heart. The playbook for life does not come neatly bound; yet it is something that evolves as I live. I have been relentless in my pursuit ever since.

I am deeply committed to my growth and evolution. Are you?


Each day, I am cracking open toward the light, finding alchemy in the unknown and joy in doing it my way. I was brought toward the space of self-evolution that allowed me to continue moving in the direction of my highest Self.


Conventional thinking often equates to conventional outcomes. Unconventional approaches with my intuition in tow allows me to think differently about everything that I do in my life. What about you?


I show up and take risks, not risking anything is risking everything. It is the decision in the risk that movement starts to happen. You decide with your indecision. It is unconventional thinking that has helped me rise and actualize.


I cultivate my inner light by doing inner work. Are you ready?



I started by writing, blending personal experience with limitless insights into vivid alchemy.



Writing has been a form of medicine as the council I sought, often showed up on the page. I continued with Meditation, all kinds, walking, sitting, mantra, mindfulness, and Metta, and from this practice, I developed a Contemplative Meditation process and Conversations with Spirit. I “re”-membered by re-connecting with Spirit and Faith in the process. Faith is blind and becomes a true Master when we can surrender to that which we can’t feel or see. I worked faithfully on a Mindfulness practice that showed me how Being Still is the hallmark for this work and the reason I have moved into a calm space of self-love, acceptance, empowerment, peace, and joy.



The Universe co-created with me during all of this and supported me unconditionally, and still does every day, but I had to commit and show up with intention and Spiritual Discipline, and you can too.


I am a lifelong learner, expanding my need to know more always guided by my True North and Intuition. I have studied from the East to the West, and really connected with my Buddha nature and Buddhism, Taoism, Hinduism, Upanishads, Edgar Cayce & the ARE, poets, mystics and beyond. I have radically changed my health, lifestyle, mindset, head-space, and dependence on anything or anyone. I am living my life on purpose with joy and intention. I am free from the fears that limit me and the illusions that have trapped me.


My purpose and mission are to help you show up on the INSIDE of your life. Live freely, with intention, and radical STILLNESS.  I believe it is everyone’s natural birthright to step into the magnificent human potential waiting for you. 




Are you ready?



Let me show you how.