About Move the Moss

Welcome Home…. Welcome to a RADICAL Uprising!


Move the Moss simply put is about showing up to LIVE your LIFE, not exist through it. 


You are a SEEKER, You are CURIOUS, and you envision something different for your life. You have a deep longing or feeling or call for something more. The pull and tug of this unknown element met with your tireless search to fill up that space, (like water fills a well), might leave you feeling empty, when what you are seeking is in alignment, alchemy, balance and your higher purpose.


Move the Moss is about Listening and Responding.


You may be struggling with pain, grief, anxiety, trauma, depression, sadness, and frustration with how you can do anything in spite of these challenges. Move the Moss is not about eradicating what is so visible and real for you but instead finding a new space to exist within. Working within a container of radical self-acceptance and self-love not searching for a finish line or the attainment of anything outside of you, rather a deep alignment within the core of who you are. This is an ongoing journey, are you ready to show up for yourself and be transformed?


The gift is in the SHIFT.


Move the Moss is about meeting YOU, exactly where you are RIGHT NOW, with dignity, respect, and understanding, and assisting you in honoring and acknowledging your path. It is about learning to LISTEN to a deeper authentic truth that is bubbling up on the INSIDE just waiting to give RISE to your VOICE amid the struggle, fear, and uncertainty.


Move the Moss is a Movement towards yourself with COMPASSION, SELF-LOVE, and a vast and deep understanding to answer the call rising up within you. We very often marinate in our own un-doing every day, by the thoughts we believe, or the moments that sink in. Move the Moss is about helping you unravel the unhelpful patterns that exist and create a container of sacred space to support you in re-writing the script that has plagued you with years of feeling unworthy, sad, disconnected and lonely. The road is not paved, but the journey is worthwhile.


Move the Moss is an opportunity to move freely along the continuum of growth, all while recognizing that your TRUE POWER lies in learning to Source everything from WITHIN. 


Living on the inside of your life is not something you can buy; you won’t find it in another human, doctor, supplement, or 20 lbs up or down. You will find it by lifting the veil and accessing your own “inner-net” of wisdom, that crack of light within you that just...keeps...going. You have the gifts, wisdom, and strength to surrender to your highest call because the world needs you, and your reservation at the table of life is waiting.


Move the Moss is about MASTERING your MINDSET and surrendering to the winds of change. What we resist, persists, and if we allow ourselves to remain open to the possibilities of a shift in perspective/consciousness, we create a fertile ground with which our Expansion and Voice take a different path, that is crucial to living an authentic, connected and inspired life.


Move the Moss will help you remember why you are here.


Move the Moss is built upon channels of change, it will inspire you to dig deep, reach high, and learn how to:


  • Be Still
  • Be Open
  • Be Mindful &
  • Be Seen


And the fundamental importance of this in a world of distraction and disconnect. 


---Move the Moss will inspire you to Be Still in a world that begs for your “busyness.” 


---Move the Moss will encourage you to explore new perspectives and Be Open to shifts in consciousness to find balance, healing, and peace.


---Move the Moss will teach you how to listen deeply and Be Mindful as you learn to listen to your intuition and messages from Spirit.


---Move the Moss will help you embody living your life from the inside out, rather than existing through life from the outside in. You will learn to Be Seen and create the life you have desired and dreamed of.


Move the Moss will illumine your path to Joy, Freedom, and Alignment.


Move the Moss

     a metaphor and a paradox


Move (the great paradox)

Move.Moving.Movement; towards something, not remaining in one place. Always in motion. Nothing remains the same. Within the movement, we are fluid, changing, formless, formed. Yet, it is inside the stillness within the movement that we are seeking. The space between the microcosm of a moment in between busy. Can you be still among the movement? A wise elder once said: “Just keep moving.”


Moss (a metaphor for living)

Moss, an impressive species, nearing 22,000 and inhabiting nearly every ecosystem on earth. It is unique, just like you. Moss is often something we don’t see or take notice of, not because we don’t want to see it, but because we choose not to see it. Moss can grow under and over your feet if you stay in one place for too long. You may feel stuck, stale or stagnant, unable to progress and move forward, but the very thing we choose not to notice is the connection back to ourselves. Movement in Nature is one way back to ourselves. We learn a level of acceptance and peace around the stillness and natural processes, rather than battling them for what they are


Real change and true healing happen when you can hold a mirror up to your True Self and recognize that a shift needs to happen. Lasting change happens when you accept the Truth and choose to walk freely in the direction of your best self.


Welcome to the tribe. Welcome to Move the Moss!