Finding Your Way – Returning To Your Essence

Finding Your Way - Returning To Your Essence

If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you. ~Fred DeVito

Finding Your Way Back to Yourself

I started a new practice called Morning Pages. A process inspired by Julia Cameron’s book “The Artists Way”. A way to create and develop a practice within the realm of the creative space to find your way back to yourself. There is so much richness within the creative process that is illuminated when we sit and be. For me, this is writing. As a writer, this made sense to me, I am plagued nearly daily as I ride the “what-if” train or the “self-doubt” bicycle, but a developed practice eliminates the need to be good or right or perfect. The antics that are woven deep within my bones are laid out to bare and provide a level of acceptance that no matter who I am and how I show up each day, I give myself exactly how I show up.

Finding your way back to yourself is a practice in writing not meant to be shared, but what I have learned and observed is that it cuts deeply through the emotional barriers that drive so much of my inner process and often stops me in my tracks from moving forward. It drains my emotional wounds and gives me consistent access to mySelf.


Growth and Evolution within your Practice

There is a rhythm and pace within the creative process that allows for your growth and evolution. Creativity is anything that fills a deep, resonant void within you or offers your gifts and talents in service to others. Finding your pace within the rhythm is how you continue to return to your essence. I call this work – The Practice because we must continue to show up as we are and return to the place within us that lives and breathes in harmony for what is.


The Practice creates the energy to access the intention.


The energy that surrounds intention is curious to me. If we wait for inspiration, we continue to wait; if we wait for flow, or lightbulb moments, or happiness, we seem to drift farther from our true intention for all those things. What creates flow is the intention to flow. The river doesn’t ask nature each day to flow; she flows, creating new paths and channels. We have to set things in motion to continue to find what we are seeking.

It is often counterintuitive to how we think things should be. We may be inspired by an event, a person, or an experience and believe that by creating the same conditions again, we will somehow manifest the “thing” we are desiring, when often we come up empty. It is not the experience that creates the conditions; it is the intention and Practice that we initiate that moves the needle on how we generate the energy to keep growing and going.


How do you show up for yourself and practice your evolution?


Have you thought about the radical act of Self-Love when you show up for yourself each day the way you show up for your family and friends? We often discount or discredit our own needs at the expense of our mental and emotional health. Show up and lean into and be with the hard parts of yourself, be with your essence and learn what you need, but keep showing up, and stop giving up.


What is your Intention for Creation?


Trust the process and follow the energy. Commit to regularly practicing within your space. Don’t ask when or why, but instead show up and offer yourself regularly to your evolution, not just when you feel ready. Have you ever attended a party and noticed one guest who lights up the room with their “joie de vivre” or magic? You often unknowingly gravitate to them, they’re electric, magnetic, and you want to “feel” their vibes; you are following the energy. Finding your way back to yourself is similar; it is an internal process, but see where it takes you. The process transforms your feelings into power and becomes a catalyst for accessing your devotion to the process.


6 Launch Points for Consideration…


  • Get out of your way
  • Give yourself permission to show up everyday
  • Be radically Kind to all parts of you
  • Show up like your life depends on it
  • Shift your focus and commit to practicing
  • Be mindful of what distracts you. Practice regular connection to your process amid everything that wants to pull you away.

You give into distraction as if it is a murderer. You lay there, waiting to be killed. Today: fight for your life. ~Miranda July


Feeling supported in this process is reflected in the intention to keep going when the expectation for something is let go and released. I remain grateful and steadfast to the process. It is evolving and ongoing.


Expectation is the root of all suffering. ~Unknown


How do I bring forth my evolution while honoring the code within and dancing with the sacred energy available in this space?

I keep showing up. I hope you do too!