How to Read Energy Vibes: 3 Incredibly Easy Methods

How to Read Energy Vibes: 3 incredibly easy methods

How to Read the Energy you Feel

Often we feel Energy when something is not right, but we often can’t verbalize what that means and how it should inform us. We use words like: “I’ve got a bad feeling, but don’t know why” or “that person, place or thing give me bad vibes we need to get out of here” When we read energy vibes, we use a combination of visual perception, clear feeling, and clear intuition to decide on what is going on. It’s as if all the feelers in your body are working together in synchronicity to read Energy. However, reading Energy vibes should not be done only visually, but rather with your 6th sense, your sense of energy perception. 


I feel everything. I feel your bad attitude, fight with your mom, the dissonance with yourself over the choices that you have made, the unflinching thoughts that repeat in your brain, the worry in your heart. Feeling Energy is stickiness in a space after an argument, heavy conversation, or self-limiting thoughts or feelings you have about yourself. I feel someone’s Energy from a distance, across time and space, and often I feel what is happening before I know what is happening. From my personal experience feeling someone’s energy, I know that having the right tools available to you to identify your Energy and what you need to let go of is imperative on your journey. It is essential to understanding yourself as an empath, an energetic being, and your unique energetic imprint. 


Seeing is Believing Energy, or is it? 

Moving out of your logical mind is imperative as you learn to read Energy. Bad vibes and gut feelings don’t lie; however, it can get complicated. When you see someone, your logical mind forms opinions about that person, influencing your opinion of their Energy—close your eyes and tap into all the feelings. Energy is so powerful and truthful; it will override any sense to tell you the truth every time; however, you must learn to listen to the subtle nuances and vibrations of Energy. If you think someone’s Energy is telling you a story that conflicts with what they are saying, trust that information. Energy never lies. Energy is a subtle, calm, and steady influence. However, it would help if you remained still enough to capture what it is trying to tell you. Energy informs everything.


When you understand someone’s energy, there will never be a need to question their intention. ~Unknown



Mind is the Builder- Let it work in sync with what you feel.

Edgar Cayce, the most well-known psychic of the 20th century, also known as the Sleeping Prophet, said in a well-documented reading that “mind is indeed the builder… what is held in the act of mental vision becomes a reality in the material experience”. With that in mind, Energy follows thought, so every thought held within your mind forms energy within your body as either harmony or dissonance. We create our reality with the ideas we are thinking in our heads. Our visual perception informs our mind, and our mind informs our Energy; we must learn to shift our sense receptors to feel into our experiences. When we do this, we sharpen the tool of Discernment to understand Energy better.



The energy of the mind is the essence of life. ~Aristotle



Reading Energy Vibes

When your Energy interacts with other people’s Energy, the boundaries blur, and often you are sucked into a world of emotions that aren’t yours. When this happens, we often feel physical ailments or energetic patterns that don’t belong to us. Catching someone’s bad vibes can feel like an instant bad mood for no reason, brain fog or sleepiness when you “thought” you were well-rested, or a throbbing “fill in the blank.” The result is often unpleasant feelings that can drag on for weeks, months, and even years if boundaries are lost and our clarity is overridden. Learning how to read energy vibes and discern them can make an enormous difference in how you feel from moment to moment.



Reading Peoples Energy

Some people have no awareness of the Energy they project onto other people or bring into a space. They infiltrate their negative energy vibe so exquisitely often without saying a word, and it instantly changes the tenor and brightness of a room. The negativity is palpable, and before you even realize what has happened, everything you thought you were feeling transforms as you become a sponge for any types of vibes. These people sometimes arrive at a meeting as sour grapes, take out their life’s problems to the clerk at the grocery checkout, or project irrational behavior. They expand their negative energy vibes to anyone who has no clear boundaries. Equally, some people spread love and positivity wherever they go, and you know and feel these people too, they are like rays of sunshine, and you can’t help but feel happy, joyful, and lifted by their presence.  


Your energy is your currency, spend it wisely. ~Unknown



Boundaries-Are you an Energy Sponge or an Energy Source?

Energy affects us every day, and with an awareness of how we show up and others too, you can take control of your Energy. How we manage and mold that Energy is really up to us. We can be a sponge of other people’s energy, or we can be a Source that we share for the benefit of others. Being a sponge when the Energy is helpful and positive can help raise your vibration and is an instant mood shifter. However, being a sponge without awareness of what you are taking on can be detrimental. With clear boundaries and self-care, you can be of service and share the Energy you have with others positively and productively. Sharing and sending healing Energy for good, when it is meaningful, productive, and not pouring from an empty cup, can help elevate consciousness. The time investment is small and powerful. 



Tool # 1 – 2 Important Lighthearted ways to Raise your Vibration 

Energy flows where attention goes; have you heard this before? What we choose to focus on expands. When your vibration is higher, you feel joy-filled, light in your body, and at ease; lower vibes feel dense, dark, and stagnant. As you work to raise your vibration, remember that what you give your attention to will support your Energy’s expansion or draw away from it. Here are two ideas to help you raise your vibration instantly. 


  1. Music- Create a playlist that includes songs from every decade of your life. Turn on the playlist when you feel funky or stagnant. Music transports us to a time and place that instantly realigns our vibration and elevates our mood. Even better, move your body and sing out loud to the music, and shift the density in your body. 
  2. Go Barefoot- Our feet are potent conductors of Energy, rooting us deeply to the earth’s energetic core. By covering our feet with shoes, socks, and slippers, we create a barrier to the connection to the earth’s vibe. Grounding into the earth’s Energy is so balancing as we learn to raise our vibration. Just stepping outside onto grass, sand, water, and dirt or water barefoot can raise your vibe and clear the funk. More importantly, notice how often you cover your feet; when you notice, return to a natural state and allow your feet to be free.


For a deep dive into raising your vibration, head over to this article: Raising your vibration starts now: 6 rhymes to remember to learn more about additional shifts you can make to raise your vibration.



Tool #2 -The Power of Radical Discernment of Energy-What is not your energy 

What you can see with your eyes informs what you must do with your brain and body. Over 70% of our sense receptors are located in our eyes. If you have the gift of physical vision and see the world around you, you know that how you perceive the world is primarily through your eyes first. However, when you read energy, you aren’t doing it with your eyes, like you read a book. You read energy based on what you feel. We use an incredible amount of Discernment to inform us about the good and bad and right and wrong within our lives. So much so that we often override how we feel about something because what we see tells us what to think and feel. Our feelings about someone’s Energy get smothered, stuffed, and overridden by our visual perception. If you listen very closely to the patterns, nuances, and rhythms- when you read the energy you feel you will learn to trust what comes forth because Energy is subtle and intentional. 



Practice Radical Energy Discernment by sharpening this tool in your toolbox:


Before any event where you will be conversing or mingling with other people, virtually or in person, take a quick assessment of where you are at in your mind, body, and heart. Ask yourself these questions.

  1. What has been on my mind in the last 12-24 hours? Bring awareness to this, don’t get flooded with it at this moment; bring awareness
  2. What am I feeling in my body today? Take note of everything you are feeling physically, even if it is as small as an irritating hangnail; note that.
  3. What non-visible boundary am I placing around my heart today? Create an invisible separation object between you and the people you will be interacting with. I like to create the image of a lightbulb, which holds a high vibration of light, but allows me to keep my boundaries.

All of this should take no more than 1 minute. It should be your barometer for the present moment. By doing this exercise, you remain conscious of your Energy and aware of what Energy might be trying to leach on to you.


Some places this may be helpful:

Grocery Store, Work, Party, Someone’s house, Gathering with Family, Place of Worship, Conference, Public Transportation, Meetings of any kind, Shopping Mall, or Presenting on stage.



Tool # 3 – How to develop an Energy Hygiene practice to help you read energy clearer


Every day many of us have a routine to start our day as we get ready to show up in the world. We shower, brush our teeth, fix our hair, use the bathroom, fix breakfast, etc. We also have a routine to end the day as we face the ultimate reset: sleep. Since sleep is a natural detoxifier, it naturally cleanses much of the Energy we have accumulated, but not all. As we accumulate so much non-physical stuff through our days, we must be aware of and learn to perform energetic hygiene to keep our Energy clear. When our energy is clear, we can easily separate our feelings from someone else’s energy.


Energy Hygiene is essential since so much of our day is often interacting with people who have not dealt with their trauma can be hurtful, angry, or emotionally destructive. The canary in the coalmine clarifies your intention not to drag any disparaging energy from someone else into your life. While it takes practice, this small action could revolutionize how we as humans interact with each other.



Energetic Hygiene practice

Create an energy hygiene practice that supports you. Make it meaningful and straightforward, so it is easy to adapt and sustain, so you use it regularly. Remember, the intention is what you bring to the practice, and your commitment is your evolution to the process.


Resources to get you started:

  1. Radical Discernment (see Tool #1)
  2. Are you an Energy Sponge or a Source? Take a deep dive and ask yourself these questions:
    1. Sponge
      1. Do you:
        1. Come home from work in a bad mood for no reason?
        2. Release sadness and frustration in desperation to anyone who will listen?
        3. Often feel exhausted for no apparent reason?
    2. Source
      1. Do you:
        1. Spontaneously evoke happiness and joy
        2. Lean into building people up
        3. Seek and spread joy?


Create small, easy-to-digest opportunities to check in with your Energy regularly. Much like the gas tank in your car, check on it regularly. Don’t let it fall below ½ tank, and constantly bring your awareness to clearing, maintaining, and expanding your Energy.



BONUS: Guided Energy Hygiene Visualization


To encourage you to develop your energy hygiene routine, I have included the meditation/energy clearing I use several times a week as a bonus. I hope it helps you lean into creating a process that supports your Energy as you learn to clear, manage and spread positivity.


As you think you vibrate, as you vibrate, you attract. Abraham Hicks.