Harnessing New Year Energy for Lasting Change

Harnessing New Year Energy for Lasting Change

My very favorite time of the year for reflection and evolution is between December 21-through January. January is a transition month, and February marks the new year energetically. It is a great way to ease into the year. There is a lightness and a surrender that happens when the holidays are winding down, and we are ushering in a new wave of energetic freedom- a new year. I take the opportunity to reflect on the year that has passed and honor who I am and what I have learned and look forward just slightly and continue to reflect on my continued self-evolution. 


I am grateful to reflect on the growth that has happened as I became intimate with the triggers and uncomfortable feelings this year has brought forth.


Rewind & Reflect, Remove & Release, Recharge & Refocus are all words that sum up just how I feel with the new year’s energy.—For example: Rewinding to Reflect, Removing what is not serving us any longer, Releasing the power of attachments, Recharging our internal energy centers so we can Refocus and go forth with ease and grace.


Rewind & Reflect


Create time and space to reflect on the year that has passed. 


Looking back … If you keep a journal, spend some time reflecting on the year. If you don’t keep a journal, now is a great time. You can reflect chronologically by month, or group your reflection by season, or randomly as you muse through your year. Although, if you don’t keep a journal, you can look back at your calendar to see what you did or scroll through your phone at the pictures you took. Take note of the small things, the little shifts, and the small ah-ha’s. The small things create momentum for the big things in time. Furthermore spend time with the thoughts that come up for you. Were you happy, peaceful, excited, sad, alone, depressed? Did you grow, have perspective shifts, welcome new outlooks? Albeit, give yourself time on the page to show up for yourself and the long stretch in January is the perfect time to do so.


Looking forward In your journal, set some intentions for the year to come. I like to title my list “2021 BIG wishes, dreams and ambitions”. What are your wishes, dreams, and ambitions?  These can be radical and life-changing, small internal changes, or perspective shifts, there is no rules, just physical intention for your year ahead. However, it might be great to think about a word for the year that captures the spirit of what you are looking to be, simply as you are. Conversely, you can choose to do nothing, and wrap your ideas around the future internally.  Watch throughout the year as you start manifesting what you desire. How will you create the change you are looking at making?


Remove & Release


The energy of a new year is often clear, fresh, and full of optimism and hope. It is usually short-lived, and the vibration of overwhelm, stickiness, and undulating fear or worry may pervade you. Let’s capture the new year’s energy and hold it for yourself to access your well of greatness for many months to come.


Questions for your journal


  • What do I need right now to support a complete version of myself?
  • How can I be my best self each day, and what do I need to support my vision? 
  • What do I need to Remove and Release to help me continue with my vision? 


There are many ideas to support you in holding and lifting the energy, however, let’s explore two easy ways to start this process today that can have lasting and incredible effects into the future.



  • Give your space a deep physical clean, top to bottom, scrubbing floors, cleaning and sanitizing surfaces, washing bedding, and rugs, cleaning the kitchen, emptying trashes, and cleaning bathrooms. This process brings fresh energy, more clarity, and flow.
  • Declutter as often as possible. Remove any items from your space that you do not use or that do not elicit joy. Keep a donation box by your door and use it as motivation to keep filling the box. Donate the box as soon as it is full. In addition, make sure everything in your physical space is in working order. Fix things that are broken. Do this regularly. The vibration instantly shifts when your physical environment is clean and in working order.


  • Everything carries an energetic imprint, including your possessions and home. This energy can lift and strengthen you or drain and weigh you down. The feeling often manifests as emotions that aren’t your own. Excessive anger, sadness, overwhelm, frustration. The ancient Chinese system of Feng Shui can help.


Feng Shui is the art of balancing and harmonizing the flow of natural energies in your surroundings to create benefits in our lives. ~Karen Kingston


  • 5 Feng Shui basics to shift and hold the energy in your home
    • Let in natural light-open your blinds.
    • Crack your windows in every room. Fresh air must flow throughout your home to free the stuck, stale, or stagnant energy
    • Bring the outside in- Nature is the very antidote to our worldly woes. Real houseplants add oxygen and the earth element to your home.
    • Keep the path to the front door clear- as this is the primary way energy enters your home.
    • Balance the five elements in your home – Earth, Metal, Water, Fire, Wood


Recharge & Refocus


Our bodies and brains are often existing and not thriving in this digital age we live in. The input into the brain far exceeds how much the brain can process and handle. While the digital revolution has streamlined many processes that required much more brainpower in the past, we are still fatigued and overwhelmed by the overconsumption of everything demanding our attention. The brain needs rest regularly, and the body does too. 


Here is how it looks:


Brain & Body Rest: Try 20 minutes daily. First, this may look like contemplative meditation to some of you, but the word meditation to non-meditators often turns people away. Secondly, when you feel yourself slowing down or feeling sluggish, it is time to rest your brain and body. With many people now working from home, use a mid-day break to relax your brain and body, and come back to your work refreshed, alert, and focused. I find that I often gain an additional 3-4 hours of productive work time by resting.



I recommend GreenRed Productions on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/GreenredProductions for Binaural Beats, which help shift your brainwave state while resting—ideally moving into the Theta Brainwave state for increased creativity, productivity, relaxation, and inner peace. Make sure to use headphones to amplify the effect, and cover your eyes if you can. The discipline in all of this is to lay or sit down no longer than 22 minutes. Set a timer to make sure you wake up. The idea is that any longer and you risk moving into the Delta brainwave state, which is deep restorative sleep that feels so good but can leave you feeling grumpy and groggy upon waking mid-sleep cycle and missing a critical mid-day meeting. Try it out and take part in a bit of self-care magic.


When the energy is clear, bright, and fresh, you are open to alignment, and the opportunities you may not know you were seeking, find you. Harness the power of reflection, clear space, and rest to show up as you are in the new year.

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Loving the rich content that comes with every post single post that Karyn writes. I Especially enjoyed the warm, positive vibration within this post. The bullet points are helpful and really allow me to practice at my own pace. Thank you for your great work Karyn!