Waking Up in a World that is Fast Asleep; 3 Lessons I Wish Someone Would Have Told me About Finding Your Purpose

Waking Up in a World that is Fast Asleep; 3 Lessons I Wish Someone Would Have Told me About Finding Your Purpose

Deep within all of us lies a Seed, ripe with possibility, yet dormant until we take action or wake up. It is easy to live a life disconnected from the root of who we are and show up in the world, busy, distracted, numb, and asleep. Asleep implies that we are detached from our most authentic and highest version of ourselves. Just this morning on my walk, I passed someone walking their dog, with their earbuds in, head down, buried in their phone. How can we connect to what is happening within ourselves, when we continually seek outside of ourselves for stimulation, connection, and validation? Because easy has become a way of life that consumes us and feeds the illusion that somehow, whatever is outside of us, is what we need, want, and can’t have, and we perpetuate a cycle of disconnection, by feeding the easy.  

If feeding the easy is not working for you, consider there is another way. You make a choice every day. Not going around, but rather through your challenges, is what keeps you moving forward. Keep going and trust that.

The Seed within all of us is our Purpose, our higher calling, our gifts we are called to share, earthside. The Seed, which lies deep within, is not something we come here knowing, rather something we are entrusted to by following our truths and stepping into our sovereign power. The Seed lays dormant with inaction, yet sends subtle signals through our intuition to step up and follow the feeling. The Seed is a powerful and magical ally in your continual growth toward your human potential. We begin to grow as we search for the light. The dark, almost inhospitable conditions that we as humans create for our Seed, seem merely impossible for continual growth, yet, the Seed starts to germinate the more we seek the light. As the Seed germinates, truths and alignment are revealed along our path, and ultimately we must Let it go to Let it Grow.


Move the Moss is my Seed. I knew for ten years that something lay hidden within me just waiting to come forth. The feeling was overwhelming, profound, and breathtaking. I felt a menagerie of emotions from “time is slipping away, and I feel like I am going to die with these gifts within me” to “why have I not figured this out yet” to losing hope that I ever would find and align with what was being called forth. I followed the nudges, dreams, and intuitive signals, I took classes, traveled to places my dreams called forth, and I continued to write and read, meditated, practiced mindfulness and getting out of my own way, and continued standing in communion with my Higher Self while I surrendered to this Call. This Call was made across lifetimes, and yet, in this lifetime, I know I have the responsibility, privilege, and possibility to step into my sovereign power and share with the world my truth. Within my truth is the Seed to my own blossoming. 


I lived some Dark Nights and Dark Seasons and remained vigilant by not ever giving up. The practices changed, attitudes adjusted, I required more sleep and less talking through some moments, and charted rough seas that strengthened my inner resolve. I continued to lean into whatever was present for me at the moment, and often that was uncomfortable and challenging. There were times I couldn’t write, and times I couldn’t read, and times I fell short on what I believed. I found ways to tend to the quiet recesses of my heart consistently, and trust her in guiding me always toward a path of growth and potential. It was heartbreaking work to know you’re being called to something more, yet, never quite able to find what that is until…


Through the unfolding of this process and remaining crystal clear about service to myself, the Seed started to grow, and the path before became clear.


Lesson # 1: The Work Within is the Path Toward your Purpose



Here is the truth, and maybe the only reason why you are reading this right now; you were hoping I would tell you “how to reveal your purpose.” I didn’t write this with any intention to lead you astray, quite the opposite instead; I wanted to remind you that the gift within this process will always be found within you.  

The path is not something to be found, it is already within you, you have to align with and be clear about your truth, and the path unfolds. 


 Let it be still, and it will gradually become clear. ~Tao Te Ching


When we let go of our expectations and stop continually seeking the mystery of every moment, we embody the mystery within the present. We no longer seek to find, but align then find. Showing up inside the mystery is part of the process, remaining steadfast and devout to evolving consciousness is where we open up the possibilities that are available to us.


Lesson #2: Waking Up will Lead you to More Questions than Answers, and that is ok


Waking up isn’t easy; it involves an acknowledgment that living this way can be different and harder than how you did it before, while asleep. Our culture breathes deeply down our necks to be a certain way, through media, brand influence, families, neighbors, and friends. To live life, according to this plan, and you will be happy! It is easy to hit the subscribe button to things that guarantee a clean house, cooked dinner, and flat abs. It is the resistance to the mind meld that often feels like you are swimming upstream. It is pushing back when things don’t feel right when your intuition alerts you that something may be off. Waking up involves questioning everything, because perhaps what you learned or were told about something may in fact not be true, or be one person’s interpretation of it. Waking up involves trusting yourself more than anyone else, finding your truth by listening, finding allies to support you along the journey, and living your truth by speaking up.


See what you are. Don’t ask others; don’t let others tell you about yourself. Look within and see. ~Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj


Lesson # 3: Be Steadfast and Unmovable – Lean into your Shadow as Much as your Light


Consider this: your challenge now is to wake up to a whole new version of yourself. This is a pilgrimage to the center of your truth. By waking up and continuing to seek the inner landscape of yourself, you can show up in a world ready to be exactly who you are longing to be. 


 A pilgrimage is a journey, often into an unknown or foreign place, where a person goes in search of new or expanded meaning about the self, others, nature, or higher good, through the experience. It can lead to a personal transformation, after which the pilgrim returns to their daily life. Pilgrimage – Wikipedia

You are opening up the portal of change by understanding fear, uncertainty, sadness, and grief.

You are also opening up the wellspring of joy, love, and light. You are integrating the fire within you to understand the elements of change and transformation. The elements that help your Seed grow.


When you continually create and foster an inner landscape that supports your Purpose, you create this lush garden, sunny skies, peaceful waters, and calm days. That doesn’t mean it is going to be easy, but you create conditions for your Seed to be nurtured and your life to be aligned.


Your Purpose may not clear because there are lessons to be learned, patterns to unravel, and thoughts to untangle. If everybody were given the key to their Purpose whenever they wanted it, we would lose the mystery of our self-evolution. We would lose the connection to ourselves and the chance to wake up. The process is a movement toward the embodiment of truth.  


The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing. ~ Albert Einstein


A curious mind is a playground for the journey of a lifetime. By standing at the edge of your own curiosity, you open up space to what is possible. Follow your curiosity like a map, going whatever way the wind blows and arriving just in time. Be vulnerable and courageous and try on new ideas, thoughts, and expressions to help you find your truth. Challenge your inner dialogue, and the thoughts you were told were true as a kid. Maybe those truths don’t fit anymore. Give yourself grace and adopt a growth and open mindset to take you to your own becoming. There is no limit to your mind when you open it. Listen carefully and take what resonates and leave the rest. You know what your truth feels like because you are seeking it now.


Seek first to understand then to be understood ~Stephen Covey.


Start now, show up, move from seeker to way-shower and step into and live your authentic truth. The work of many lifetimes starts when you decide. You have been called forth to do radical, magnificent, and hard things only you are meant to do. Rise up and step into your calling. You have an opportunity to bring forth so much love, compassion, wisdom, and courage within this microcosm of time here in the flesh; it is your birthright to access this space, and your opportunity to be free.